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Bad Thoughts

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Running Time:   81 minutes
Studio Name:   Vivid Entertainment 
Director:   David Aaron Clark 
Categories: Feature  
Description:   She's a glam brat that can take a splat splat! Dale Dabone and Meriesa get a new roommate, Dayton. Things are great at first until the new roomy starts assuming Meriesa's identity and causing trouble.
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Reviewer: Explodingvulva Date: 10/31/2005
Source: Aebn

STARRING: Dayton Raines (Lisa), Dale Debone (Allan), Mariesa

Arroyo(Marie), Taylor St. Clair (Holly), Pat Myne (Movie Producer 1), Eric

Masterson (Movie Producer 2), Tony Tedeschi, Marc The Saint and Mickey

CREDITS: Written and directed by David Aaron Clark


“Do you smell his dick? You should be smelling his dick regularly. When a

man first starts having an affair, they keep themselves super clean, ok?

And that is suspicious. So after a while, they get sloppy and careless.

They forget to wash. Pretty soon, you'll notice the smell of his spunk in

her pussy juices. And then, you know...” Taylor St. Claire about ways to

know if a guy is cheating on his girlfriend


Dayton Raines tries her luck in this curious mix of porn meets “Single

White Female” meets “Days Of Our Lives”. Though as ambitious as this

feature is, Dayton got the porn thing pat down. She's serviceable as a

fucked up bitch with an identity crisis but “Bad Thoughts” still comes off

as an unrealized movie that gets lost in the murky story.

Dayton is Lisa, a cute and perky roomy who just moved in with Marie (a

rather dim Mariesa Arroyo). In typical soap opera fashion, she stealthily

sinks her claws into Marie's life. Though we don't really know why she's

doing this, I simply deduced that she just had too much cum lodged into

her brain. With the ease and stealth of a Desert Storm trooper, Lisa

swiftly takes Marie's career, love life and friendships as her own. The

director wisely builds the porn around the schemes and somehow, manages to

fit the sexual set pieces in the story. But the glaring errors here are

the large jumps in story logic that may scratch your head. The primary

motivation of the characters alone will shake your head. I don't really

understand why Lisa would want take over Marie's life or for that matter,

why Marie wouldn't just kick her roommate out. So many blanks in the movie

that the producers never bothered to fill in.

But my quibble with this movie is not worth jack shit if the sex is good.

And to my dismay, it's so-so. Production wise, the audio is superbly clear

with no interference, You'll be able to follow the story without having

to force your ear into the speakers.

SCENE 1: / “An Introductory Toss-up” (Mariesa Arroyo, Dayton Raines and

Dale Debone)

The movie starts with curly brunette Marie having an intimate boy/girl

moment with Allen (Dale Debone). Marie is in a cut-off jeans and tight red

top. After a few minutes of Marie professing her never-failing lust for

Allen's cock, he lets her blow him. She's a straightforward cocksucker.

But she's like a leech, holding onto to that cock for dear life. She

doesn't even stop to take in air! More so, the couple doesn’t talk during

sex. No dirty talk, just sighs and heavy breathing. It really gets

monotonous after a while. Allen ever so gently eats her twat. He zeroes

in on her clit as Marie freaks out with pleasure. Allen is a good muff

muncher after all! After oralizing, they perform a romance-less and

mechanical mish. Marie grew timid during the doggy as her asscheeks ripple

from Allen's plowing of her pussy. Their lovemaking is soon interrupted

with someone knocking on the door. Marie wants to answer it, but Allen

holds her down as he continues to fuck her then explodes on her ass. Marie

finally goes to the door and finds Lisa. She inquires about the sublet

Marie put out in the paper. They hustle to the living room where we found

out more about Lisa (an aspiring model) and Marie (an aspiring actress).

We then see Lisa in the tub. When Marie enters the bathroom to brush her

hair, we are then barraged with a quick montage of Marie and Lisa in a hot

g/g tryst in the bedroom. We see Lisa eating Marie's vag, a hand job,

rimming and dildo action. Marie supposedly harbors Sapphic lust for Lisa.

SCENE 2: “Fakers” (Dayton Raines and Dale Debone)

Our second scene features what is probably the most hokey kitchen sex

scene ever. Allen and Lisa meet in the kitchen. Allen is disturbed with

Marie's nightmares, in that he has to bring water to her every night. But

he's not too disturbed enough to not resist Lisa's advances. She talks

dirty and slides down to partake of the feast between his legs. The

camera pans down to check her tight small ass. As the shots begin to feel

repetitive and unrevealing, I realize that all these series of close-up

are all staged to make it look like Lisa is sucking his cock! It looks

pretty obvious that the women kneeling in front of Allen is a sex double

and not Dayton Raines! What's more, the whole encounter looked staged and

lifeless. What a fucking turn off!

SCENE 3: “The Audition” (Taylor St. Claire and Mariesa Arroyo (non sexual

performance); Dayton Raines, Pat Myne and Eric Masterson)

This scene is in two 2 parts: one subtly comedic, the other purely sexual.

The first part involves some heart-to-heart between Marie and Holly (St.

Clair). It's been two weeks since Lisa moved in and Marie starts having

her doubts. Marie suspects that the sexual tension that she initially

felt for the girl may now have transferred to her boyfriend. Holly

responds with a great monologue I have ever heard in porn, and she

delivers it with utter conviction like she knows what she's talking about.

We then segue to the next part where we see Lisa auditioning for the role

that Marie already had gotten. She uses her temptress charms to sex up

the producers so that she can replace her roommate! She does this with an

onstage threesome with Pat Myne and Eric Masterson, with a soundtrack that

suspiciously rips off Don Hedley's “Boys of Summer”. Fortunately, the sex

here is not pre-fabricated as Lisa gets it on, sans sex double, for some

hot carnality. As the two guys go onstage, Pat immediately goes

“downstairs” to clean her pussy with his tongue while Lisa hums Eric's

straining shaft. We then bear witness to a series of doggy finger cuff,

deep throat, cowgirl finger cuff, individual and squat doggy. In the end,

we get a breast spray. Wish I could have done the breast spray.

SCENE 4: “Bathroom Quickie” (Dayton Raines, Taylor St. Claire and Dale

Debone (non-sexual performance); Mariesa Arroyo and Tony Tedeschi)

We cut to Lisa's bedroom apartment where she receives news that the

producers had replaced her with another “Marie”. Then we're whisked to a

restaurant where Lisa meets Holly. Lisa tries to touch base with Holly

regarding Marie's state of affairs. But Holly doesn't want to hear

anything more. Lisa tells her that she wants Marie's friends to like her.

But she accidentally calls herself “Marie”. Allen finally arrives and is

surprised not to see Marie. Lisa suggests heading back to Marie's

apartment to look for her there.

While the two unsuspecting friends fall headfirst into Lisa's trap, Marie

arrives later in the restaurant where a schmoozing Jeff (played by an oily

Tony Tedeschi) soothes her embittered soul with some nookie in the girl's

room. Marie gets her twat eaten, more emphasis on clit, and finger fucked.

Jeff is a real Casanova. Marie can only freeze while her right leg is on

the sink to spread her legs. Jeff plays her pussy like a guitar with his

magical two-finger-and-tongue technique. Then she reciprocates with a

blowjob. The sex starts with a standing doggy, a standing sidesaddle,

then going back to a standing doggy. Jeff's shirt asserts himself where it

blocks the action. Her pussy is already dripping wet halfway through the

fucking. Both partners exhibit balletic grace as each leg is raised up

high. Jeff releases his load on her tits.

SCENE 5: “Identity Theft” (Dayton Raines, Taylor St. Claire and Dale

Debone; Mariesa Arroyo (non-sexual performance)

We go back to the three who are now in the apartment. Lisa offers some

alcoholic beverages. After drinking a few sips, Holly starts getting

woozy and decides to lay down on the sofa beside the blonde. Allen is

also in a similar mood. Lisa, now finds an opportunity, starts undressing

the poor brunette. Lisa begins licking Holly's breasts. Allen starts

poking around Lisa's ass. Holly is almost naked with nothing but her red

underskirt, her pussy exposed to Lisa's tongue. By this time, I'm

befuddled how Holly doesn't look drugged anymore. Allen starts eating

Lisa's ass and sets off a daisy chain of lust. Holly opens her mouth as

Allen puts his dong into her face. With Lisa still messing with her

pussy, Holly is in oral heaven. Then with those trick blowjob camera

shots, we don't really see Lisa sucking Allen's cock. Is this a

contractual thing? Lisa doesn't really like the guy, does she? We segue

to a mish between Holly and Allen. Lisa is there beside them doing god

knows what as Allen blocks her from view. A doggy later we find Holly's

face buried in Lisa's crotch. Even later, Lisa's pulls her final piece de

resistance by asking a delirious Allen, “Who do you love, Allan? Scream

for her love.” When Allen tells her that she's Marie, Lisa can only

cackle. She repeats the same spiel again just in time for Marie to return

to her apartment and catch the threesome. The finale fizzles out as we

see a deranged yet triumphant Lisa laughing out loud, taunting Marie.

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5 Scenes from Bad Thoughts

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